About me

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  • Ph.D. | Biomedical Image Processing expand_more

    date_range2010-2014placeUniversity College London (CoMPLEX | Biochemical Engineering)

    Development of an image processing method for automated, non-invasive and scale-independent monitoring of adherent cell cultures

    Supervision: Prof. Nicolas Szita and Dr. Farlan Veraitch
    Examination: Dr. Ivo Sbalzirini and Prof. Michael Hoare

    Highlights of the project included:
    Development of novel microscopy image segmentation algorithms, including one based on machine-learning techniques (ensemble of decision trees)
    Bundling of the most promising algorithms with a graphical user interface and release as an open-source framework (https://github.com/nicjac/phantast-matlab)
    Experimental validation with various cell lines, microscopes, and cameras

  • MRes. | Biolgical Complexity Modelling expand_more

    date_range2009-2010placeUniversity College London (CoMPLEX)

    Taught inter-disciplinary degree
    Case assays:

    Synthetic gene network for the efficient generation of induced pluripotent stem cells from adult somatic cells [PDF archive]

    Computational inference of cis-regulatory elements involved in transcriptional regulation of sex-biased gene expression in Drosophila [PDF archive]

    An image-processing tool for the quantitative study of the developing Drosophila retina [PDF archive]

  • BSc. | Life Sciences (Biotechnology Major) expand_more

    date_range2006-2009placeUniversity of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO Valais)

    Best overall results across engineering
    Best bachelor thesis project


  • Research Associate | Automated X-ray cargo image analysis expand_more

    date_rangeSince 2014placeUniversity College London (Computer Science)

    Research Associate in the department of Computer Science in UCL working with Dr. Lewis Griffin:
    Automated detection of threats in X-ray cargo images (Deep Learning)
    Segmentation of cells on phase contrast microscopy images (collaboration with Prof. Nicolas Szita)
    Estimation of cell counts based on phase contrast microscopy images (collaboration with Prof. Nicolas Szita)

  • Research Internship | Bioprocess development and optimisation expand_more

    date_range2005-2006placeLaboratory of Cellular Biotechnology (LBTC), Swiss Institute of Technology, Lausanne

    Production of recombinant proteins using mammalian cell lines. Subjects studied include (but not limited to) :
    Mammalian cells culture (CHO, HEK, BHK)
    Expression vectors design and cloning
    Transfection methods (PEI, Calcium/Phosphate, Microinjection)
    Stable cell lines establishment
    Analytics : ELISA, FACS

    Contributed to the development of the Mini-PCV tube method (commercial name: VoluPAC):
    Developped image processing algorithm and GUI in Java to produce biomass measurements
    Carried out extensive validation experiments using different cell lines
    Assisted in the development of the prototype box (e.g. camera, illumination)
    Work summarised in this publication

  • Phase 1 Business Idea Pitching Prize

    UCL Bright Ideas Challenge
    Obtained together with Alexandre Super

  • Best paper (2016)

    7th International Conference on Crime Detection and Prevention, Madrid, Spain
    Automated detection of smuggled high-risk security threats using Deep Learning

  • Best paper (2015)

    Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium, Defence Academy, UK
    “Using deep learning on X-ray images to detect threats”

  • Best paper (2014)

    Medical Image Understanding and Analysis, London
    “Trainable segmentation of phase contrast microscopy images based on local Basic Image Features histograms”

  • school Best overall engineering grades (2009)

    University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (Sion, Switzerland)

  • Best biotechnology diploma thesis (2009)

    University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (Sion, Switzerland)

  • Problems I solve
  • Image segmentation
  • Image classification
  • Data visualization
  • Modelling and forecasting
  • Methods I use
  • Deep Learning
  • Random Forest
  • Support Vector Machine
  • Bags of Visual Words
  • Fixed geometric features
  • Languages I speak
  • R
  • Mathematica
  • Java
  • C++

  • Skills in the lab
  • Microscopy
  • Cell line generation
  • Animal cell maintenance
  • Cell line generation
  • Transfection
  • Differentiation
  • Process development and optimisation